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Congratulations to The Teddies - 500 cache finds

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Well done Keith and Mo on reaching 500 cache finds :rolleyes::D Knew you had set a load too but shocked to see just how many when I checked your profile. 62!!! You've provided some cracking days out for us and your caches are always a treat to find. Real caching addicts and a cracking couple who have become great friends. Wishing you a fab Christmas and a Happy New Year. Loadsa love, Liane and the mini hoppers xxx

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I usually don't contribute to congratulations threads but I'll make an exception for The Teddies. :rolleyes::D


Exceptional personality, terrific find rate, great hide rate, the only down side is they are hotly on my tail. :D


Many thanks for the hours of pleasure you've provided in cache hunts and as event hosts. Thanks also for a nice quick run of finds to enable me to reach a milestone of my own last week. :o


The race is on for the next milestone :grin:


I look forward to offering CONGRATULATIONS for the next achievement as much as I do for this occasion.


:D:D CONGRATULATIONS :DB) and good luck. B)

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