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Garmin 6ocx versus 76cx.


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The specs for these two garmin models are almost identical. (76cx has 128 card 60cx has 64 card),

Yet the 60cx seems far more popular with cachers.

Before I upgrade from gpsmap76 to 76cx, I was curious to know if there is something I'm missing about the 60cx?

Thanks in advance for your comments

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I prefer the 76 versions and have upgraded up through the 76 series until I now have a 76csx. If you already have had a 76 version and you have a car mount the upgrade to another 76 would mean you wouldn't need to get another car mount. Maybe something you might want to consider. After seeing on this forum how some pets eat off the external antenna on the 60 series I would still sticking to the 76 series but other than that it is just a personal preference.


Just my $0.02 worth.

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