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I think Geocaching could be appropriate for some 5th to 8th grade students, but if you introduce them to the activity, don't take them to actual caches listed on GC.com. Some cache owners have had their caches "muggled" after a teacher used them for a class introduction.


A recommended GPS unit depends on your budget. I have the Garmin Vista HCx and recommend that unit, or any other Garmin unit with the 'H' in the model number. I have both the auto-routing City Navigator and Topo maps installed on it.


If you have more money to spend, you might prefer the Garmin GPSMap 60CSx or 76CSx. Garmin is known for excellent Customer Service, should you need it.

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They are the ages of a couple of my kids, they will love it. I know of a couple of caches placed by teachers and there cache so they can watch who finds them. It's a neat project. The garmin legend is a great starter but if you get into big you would og wished to have up graded. Just food for thought. :D

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We just had a event where a geocaching teacher brought along about 15 of his middle school aged students on a cache hunt. They had a ball.


I don't agree with Miragee's advice not to take kids on hunts for listed caches. Yeah, I'm sure there are some kids who will come back and vandalize a cache, but the overall benefits of getting kids outdoors and interested in a healthful activity like geocaching outweighs the possibility of some yoots screwing around with caches.


For a budget unit, go for the Garmin eTrex H (make sure it's an H). For something that has more features, the Garmin eTrex Legend HCX is a good choice.

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I think it would be great. My daughters are in 2nd and 5 grade, and they love it.


If there is any concern about vandalism, you could either 1) check with the cache owner by email to see if they have any objections, or 2) set up a temporary cache yourself that day, and take it home when you are done, or 3) set up a permanent cache if there is a suitable place near your school.


It is a great activity. If nothing else, it gets you outside and active, takes you to places you would never think of, and maybe learn something along the way.

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I am a middle school teacher and new to geocaching. I wanted to know if geocaching is appropriate for 5th - 8th grade students?


Also- can anyone recommend a gps unit.



I think if supervised, it would be GREAT for them! I would send a letter home (and insist it be signed by a parent/guardian) since its likely they will want to go again and their parents should know about it if they do. I know that many boy scout and girl scout troups do geocaching. Its a great way to get the kids out in nature and away from the TV! :D My step-son's science teacher took them geocaching in 8th grade. Just be sure to make the parents aware so that they can (hopefully) keep an eye on future geocaching activities of their children.

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I am a middle school teacher and new to geocaching. I wanted to know if geocaching is appropriate for 5th - 8th grade students?

I would not suggest having the students put out caches as a school project. I've seen this before, and it's usually ended badly. The teacher didn't monitor what the students were doing, and after the end of the school year, the caches were basically abandoned.

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I also teach middle school, and I think my students would love it.


I wouldn't use public caches to start out though. I would place several around the extrior of the building and in the areas nearby. I wouldn't publicly list them, but instead let the kids hut them and trade swag anyway.


You could stock with some cool MS level stuff and see how mature they are about it.

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I am a middle school teacher and new to geocaching. I wanted to know if geocaching is appropriate for 5th - 8th grade students? ...


Yes an no. Kids love geocaching and there is nothing about geocaching that is not family friendly. The world around caching varies.


However taking out kids to caches in that age range is a sure way for the few bad apples to come back later and steal the caches.


They are best introduced in a controlled environment just as kraushad has pointed out.

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Having introduced a number of school groups to caching, I know what "can" happen. Many of the caches that were used for the demonstration had a high muggle rate over the next few months.


I learned my lesson and now only use temporary caches setup for the introduction. Anybody that bothers to go buy a unit and take the time to go caching is unlikely to start messing with them. It is the "bad" apples in the bunch you worry about.


BTW - the kids LOVE it and I had a ton of fun showing them!

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