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How old are you, and your team?


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We're a group of 5 from an Air Cadet squadron in lancaster. Might be another addition to the team soon, hopefully.


I'm the one organising everything and im 16 (17 in a couple of weeks, yay!).

The rest of the team:






We've only visited 3 caches (picked up our first TB yesterday) so far, but everyone is enjoying it and hope to do alot more. But first we need to stop borrowing a Garmin and get one for ourselves!


First post! :yikes:

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I am over 600 years old, and lets just say that I have lived all over what we know as the Western world, and have seen innumerable kings, queens, archbishops, popes, tin despots and religions come and go, and witnessed numerous kingdoms and also numerous fads rise and fall. I have met Nostradamus and Fulcanelli, and was present at numerous functions in Russia attended by the mad monk Rasputin and at many courts in Europe when the Comte de Saint Germain was quite the rage. I also witnessed the bizarre hedonistic excesses of "hip" Berlin in the 1920s. I placed the first known geocache in the year 1443 in an area near Lourdes, France. I am not allowed to say much more; forgive me for my seeming reticence, it is not my choice but rather a choice which has been forced upon me.

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i betcha ya never been ta bugtussel or the jack town fair though..speakin o them pyriamids,,that was my first bricklayin job..i was workin for miller masonry at the time..that were aways back it was..we was gittin 2 bucks n hour but thet was good money in them days..them blocks were purdy big too i,ll tell ya..it was all i couyld do ta carry one er two of em at a time....

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