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Html code line rewrap


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When you enter your cache description as html code, it gets run through a sanitizer. I can well see why it is done, but why does this have to mess up line breaks in the description? More specifically, why does the sanitizer insist on rewrapping the text to something around 80 columns, when the window in which the code ends up being displayed is just 60 columns? This makes html formatted cache descriptions quite hard to read, for no good reason! Either drop the line rewrapping in the sanitizer code, change the rewrapper to operate on 60 colums, or widen the cache description windows!


This is the html snippet for the cache long description:

<textarea name="tbLongDesc" rows="10" cols="60" id="tbLongDesc">

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I am not sure if you use Firefox, but you can get a solution if you do.


While I dislike having the boxes automatically check regarding reading the guidelines, the resizing of the boxes is a great tool.

Yes, I use Firefox, and this seems like a excellent tool, but it does feel a bit silly to have to install a separate tool just to fix this one website's problems... :rolleyes:
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