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Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas!

Santa's Caching Clauses

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We were waiting impatiently for the mailman today. PengoDaddy was expecting some RAM for his laptop which we ordered last week during the boxing day sales. (Was really cheap.) The mailman finally showed up a few minutes ago. I handed the package that Blair was waiting for to him, then took the rest of the mail to the kitchen...woohoo coin mail today! A couple of trades came in then I noticed a small brown mailer addressed to me from me. I got so excited and was jumping up and down. Blair and Beky were just looking at me like I was nuts. I shoved the mailer in Blair's face and said we got one...we got one. He had no clue what I was talking about. I ran and grabbed the scissors and carefully cut open the top and out fell the most adorable little stocking with blue glitter at the top. :blink: As soon as Beky saw it was a coin she wanted to see it, then she hid it...little monkey. I found it and I am hanging it on the Christmas which is still up. B) B)


Thanks so much to the elve(s) who graciously did this. It is greatly appreciated!!! I can't think of a better way to end 2007. Thanks sooooooo much!!


Congrats to all the other recent finders too!


Happy New Year!!

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:)B) Thank you! I'm finally getting around to looking through my packages. What a cute little surprise! Thank you for thinking of me. It made me feel special. I know this has been a tough year for some. Today starts a new year & I wish the best for all of you! I need to spend more time here. Y'all always make me smile! THANKS!! :)B)
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When I got home from a two week vacation yesterday, I found my mailbox overflowing with mail and packages. fortunately I'd had the Post Office hold it, so I knew it was all there! I almost missed the little package amidst all of the mess, but imagine my surprise when out popped a stocking trimmed with Green glitter!




I guess I did something right this year! Thanks Christmas Caching Clauses! I appreciate it!

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I received 3 bubble mailers in the post today... and when I opened one of them I saw a green card inside and a blue

glitter Santa Stocking coin and knew straight away that Santas Caching Clauses had sent us a Christmas coin! :(

Wow! Thank you very much SCC, I really didn't expect one down here in Australia. It took 15 days to get here,

but better late than never! Here's a photo I took of it just now hanging on our Christmas tree...which is still up!

Cheers, and Happy New Year everybody! All the best from Mal & Ursula



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Congrat's to all the SCC getters :)


I must have been on the naughtly list, lol. Glad to see so many happy people posting away.


Me too, lol! At least I'm in with good company!:)


Naomi the naughty! :):D:D



I have seen some of your posts.... I think that you being on the Naughty list is pretty accurate!!! :unsure::D:lol:

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Congrat's to all the SCC getters :lol:


I must have been on the naughtly list, lol. Glad to see so many happy people posting away.


Don't worry :unsure: It looks like Ohio made the naughty list too :D


I thought I had been good this year, Santa must know something that I have conveniently forgotten! Santa- I promise to try harder next year!! :)

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Having been busy with the holidays and my oldest daughters wedding, I haven't been too active lately. I saw this thread start and only occasionally checked it out. Imagine my surprise when returning from a week long trip to the desert for New Years Eve to find this very nice coin in my mailbox. Thank you so much to the mystery sender. I will keep it alongside my other other mystery coins in their very safe place. :D


On the other hand... I would assume this gives me the green-light to be even naughtier, since my inclusion indicates how low the bar was set. :unsure:

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I trudged to the Post Office,

New Years nearly here,

expecting the Tax Bill,

and not much cheer.


I reached into my box -

I found I'd been blessed

There was a small envelope

the return my address!


"It can't be!" I hollered,

but indeed, yes it was,

a small coin of great worth

From the elf of Santa Claus.


So I hurried right home

and my beloved and I

toasted in the New Years,

the coin bright under our eyes.




Thank you very much - it touches the heart, it does.


And the cat liked it too...



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So sad that the tree is down - I have a new wee ornament for its boughs for next year.

Thanks so much to the elves of Santa :huh: for this very cute coin. :lol:

I'm pretty sure I walked the fine line of naughty and nice but very nice of you to think of me.

I think Canada customs had the elves tied up for a while as it was posted Dec.19th and arrived Today!!

Again thanks for the secret gift and Happy New Year everyone.

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This Comes to You

In a Cacher’s Guise

From the North Pole

An Elvish Surprise




HMM> i am trying to read all about those who were good and got a coin.. but I keep getting an error message.. Well i guess i was too naughty.. no coin for me LOL>. cool idea.. happy belated christmas and a wonderufl new year.. lol

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Stopped at the P.O. today to grab my post. Turns out, I sent myself something. I'm pretty tricky sometimes :rolleyes:


Out popped a nifty little stocking. Thanks so much! I don't know what color it was, and I didn't get to study it much (I was driving to work). I'll be sure to admire it by the fire tonight (after I get home).





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I came home today from a long day at a new job, and was not expecting anything special in the mail since I had not been trading very much lately. To my very surprise I found a little envelope addressed to me, that I had sent myself ;)(it actually did not surprise me too much, as the last weeks have been quite hectic around here, and I might have been tired enough to just that!!!!). Looking inside I found something, which made me believe, that I must have not been too bad the last year, and I knew, I definitely had not sent this little gem inside :rolleyes: ------ A very cute little stocking. Thank You very much to you Santa's Caching Clauses. This came as a great present on the last day of the Christmas season, just a day after "Heilige drei Koenige". This will join the other very special coins I have in my collection. Thank you again. I will try to upload a picture of it in the next few days.



Now the only thing for me is to figure out the signature, is it Elvish or a written language from the Middle or Far East, or even better "north polish"?

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