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Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas!

Santa's Caching Clauses

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Cute little sneakie peak to get the party going!

Rather than more oooohs and awwws i would like to share with you a great Christmas 'pay it forward' story...

I was waiting in the gargantuan post office line yesterday to get a stamp for my one States-bound Christmas card. Practicing my meditative breathing and actually enjoying the first 5 minutes...then the postal-impatience took over my good intentions. Luckily for me a Christmas elf in the form of a do gooder came up to me and offered to give me a stamp! I declined saying that i needed an international stamp and she offered me one, not taking any payment in return! Needless to say I was quite overcome with the Spirit of Christmas and resoved to 'pay it forward' the next chance that i got. Do you think she was a cacher? Maybe but I'll never know but because of her i got dinner on the table in time so that we could go to the children's Christmas celebration. Random acts of kindness matter! Merry Christmas Everyone! :D

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So looking forward to reading people's stories about receiving this coin when they do.

That's absolutely the best thing about mystery coins.


I don't think I have been very good especially the last few weeks... sigh... the editer (that's the one that reminds me to keep my mouth CLOSED) ran out of Adult Duct Tape and I find myself saying things I shouldn't. More heartfelt sighs...


But I will get to read extra cool stories of Geocoin joy and that is Most Excellent !!

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What a cool thing to come about at this time of year! A new MYSTERY COIN!!!!


There are a lot of folks that hang out around here that are very deserving of a NEW MYSTERY COIN!! They do so many wonderful things during the year to help make this such an enjoyable sport for all the rest of us. If you decide to take nominations for those that we all feel are really deserving, we would gladly fill up your "NICE" list!!

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I would love to be on the "Nice" list for this one!


"Dear Santa,


I promise I have been very good and I promise I'll be real good next year too if I you would only bring me a mystery coin! I'll leave you extra milk and cookies and even some extra carrots for the reindeer!"


Happy Holidays Everyone!

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Ummmm...Might there be a mystery chunk of coal for those of us that dont quite fit on that nice list???? :P


Im just tryin to cover the bases for the others is all :) ...cause Ive been good :D Ive been so good to myself, I cant believe what is in the mailbox when I get there :D


Ive been good to others as well...SO GIMMEE THAT COIN!...I mean pleeeeeease :D


Alright, ill stop now...But you know me...ILL BE BACK!!!... :D


Merry Christmas to all...and to all, a good cache!!!...Im on the lookout :D

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Woo! Another mystery coin! :)

I agree with the others that there are many deserving people in these forums. :D Well I can't say I've been the perfect angel this year and neither have the kiddos. :P


I can't wait to start reading the stories!!! :D


Thanks Santa, Mrs. Claus, Reindeer and Elves for making people's lives a little bit happier!

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