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The Struve Geodetic Arc

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Dear geocaching colleagues in Baltic countries, and in Norway and Sweden as well. For some inexplicable reason I have developed a fascination with the Struve Geodetic Arc. I happen to live in the middle of the said arc, and I have investigated the locations of all the Struve station points in the vicinity and decided to hide a cache near some, or perhaps all of them.


I made a bookmark list in www.geocaching.com for all the caches which are located near the points of the Struve Arc in Finland. As the Struve Arc reaches from the Black Sea all the way to Hammerfest in Norway it was suggested that I include all the caches near station points of the Struve Arc into the bookmark list regardless of country. Not a bad idea!


So, all our brethren who live in the ten countries where the Struve Geodetic Arc is located nowadays, please help me with the bookmark list and let me know of all the caches which are located near the Struve triangulation points. I do not mean only the ones that are marked as part of the UN world heritage list, but also the more modest ones are more than welcome. If you happen to know the exact location of the actual Struve point, please let me know that as well (in the WGS84 datum).

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