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GeoGuitar 2008


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We would like to present the GeoGuitar - available as a shared personal coin. Landsharkz has had this coin on the design board since this past summer. Pricing will be available in the new year and we will be taking names until there are enough folks committed to the project to make an affordable run considering that this coin will be 70mm in length and 4.0mm thick. Like the Team Geocaching Hockey coins there will be a minimum purchase amount and after that you can order as many as you like. Custom colours and printing will be offered.



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We really don't need anything yet; we're going to ramp this up in January. This is just a sneak preview of what's coming down the pipe from us in the New Year :D . We will do the images like the Team Geocaching Hockey hosted on our site so participants can see what their guitar will look like before it goes to production. You'll be allowed a minimum of colour changes once we do up your art, but one change will be allowed for sure. Check out your colour swatches and put some thought into it now so you're ready to rock n' roll when we are. There will be additional charges for glittery guitars of course, but within reason we're trying to keep these all the same price for simplicity. We don't know the mint is going to charge us at their new prices, so we won't be posting pricing until next year. We have gone through about 5 iterations of this design to try to find the most economical, yet pleasing, way to produce it and although die cast was a possibility, we're now back to die stamped.

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SO, this is for our name on it Not to be put on the list to "buy" :D

fairyhoney - if you want this coin to be pink glitter and say 'fairyhoney' you should think about the colours you want and hold tight. We're going to do a proper order thread after the Christmas decorations are put away.

If you want to buy one coin you'll have to get someone else's coin in trade or by sale - just like the hockey jersey's. The sample says Landsharkz but that's just ours. Everyone else's will have their name printed on them like on the back of the hockey jerseys.

This will be fun if a lot of folks at GeoWoodstock have them, we can do a Rock Band photo!

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We may be interested, depending on the price. The girls have a new found love -- Guitar Hero. They have both beaten the medium level.






I tried playing the guitar for the Rock Band game (much like guitar hero, just with more options)..and for some reason my hands can't manage strumming the "strings" and pushing the buttons at the same time... It's a wonder I can even play the real guitar a little bit... :D

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:P Because we have 4 guitars in this house (Godin electric x 2, a Seagull acoustic and an Ibanez Artcore hollowbody) we started with the guitar. Luke of the Landsharkz plays the Ibanez and one Godin and Chris plays the Seagull and the other Godin). Luke's been asking for this coin for eons...


You can bet that the idea progressing to a GeoRockBand was being discussed here when this design started coming together :D

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Rockin Roddy would look great on one of those....but of course, price will likely not allow me to join the band! I will have to watch and see...


Guitar Hero 3...KAboom has mastered it in hard (not pro), I can do SOME of the mediums all the way through, and have 100% several on easy!! Kevin can also play pretty good...but Tod is slow to learn!! (Jessica hates the "silly" game)


edit to add: Forgot to mention I worked the sound boards for several bands in my younger days....one band being TAPROOT (they are from Ann Arbor MI and have toured with Ozzie Osbourne and several other bands) Some of my very best friends were in metal bands!! I once even sang backup for OVERKILL at the Milwaukee Metalfest waaaaay back when! (yeah, if you've ever heard my voice, you'd figure the crowd's reaction wasn't favorable....but stagediving with BioHazard was AWESOME. Too bad Slayer wouldn't let the fun continue...they're soooo "quirky")

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