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Looking for pocket PC to view maps


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Which pocket pc should I buy to view topographical maps that I can download from the internet.


I have a Lowrance IFinder Pro with an SD card containing the topographical map of the Province of Quebec. However, there are no contour lines on this version on the SD card. Sometimes, it would be nice to know what the terrain is like before I venture to some lakes off the beaten track. Yes, I can view paper maps but I would like to be able to download topographical maps from the internet to the pocket pc.

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I'm not looking for street info (there are no streets where I go) nor do I want to download points of interest or list geocaches (there are no geocaches where I go). All I want to know is which of the modestly priced pocket PCs allow me to view topographical maps so that I don't have to carry paper maps.


I guess I should have asked this question in a GPS site where geocaching is not the principal activity.

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<snip> (there are no geocaches where I go)<snip>


So place some there! To paraphrase a movie line, "If you place them, they will come!"



Seriously though, you'll first need to decide what program you want to use, then check that program's hardware/ software requirements. For example, the BackCountry Navigator website states:


System Requirements: The following are the current requirements to run the BackCountry Navigator Software.


* Pocket PC Device running Pocket PC 2002.

* Aproximately 4 Megabytes of file storage for the program files.

* Approximately 10 Megabytes of Program Memory free when running.


Most Pocket PC devices purchased anytime in the last few years will easily meet these requirements. BackCountry Navigator runs in the .NET Compact Framework, giving you a maximum of stability and consistency across Windows Mobile Platforms.



These requirements are extremely modest, but the requirements will be different for each piece of software. Thus your first step should be to decide what software to use, then you'll have a better idea of your options and purchasing requirements.



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I would reccommend Windows Mobile 5 or above for better battery life. 2003 is needed at least for the 2.0 and above of BackCountry Navigator.


You can try the BackCountry Navigator Desktop version to get an idea of how it looks and if it is what you want.


Here's some other things to consider if you want:


VGA screen - 640 x480 - gives you sharper looking raster maps, with a possible downside of slower refresh rates.

Built in GPS - convenient, but not necessary. There are good bluetooth receivers. If it is built in, SIRF III GPS chip is the most likely to be compatible.

Cell Phone - do you want it to be a cell phone too?

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No....cell phones don't work as soon as I get about 20 miles north of where I live.


All I want is to be able to view topographical maps that come as images in .gif or .img format.


But, the image format can be modified to other formats if needed.

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If you are using image files, why not get a hand held picture viewer? New ones can be found about everywhere (right now). A Palm Z22 (among many other Palm OS-based options) would work well for image viewing.


Also, ANY Pocket PC would allow you to view image files, they are Windows-based operating systems, and have image viewing built right in. I'd suggest one that offers some form of expansion card to allow you to carry additional info/images.

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