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Piratemania 2008


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The nights of Fri 25th July, Sat 26th July and if you choose, Sun 27th July.


Pindale Farm Outdoor Centre

Pindale Road



S33 6RN




CAMPING for 60 people. £3pppn. Under 5's free!


SELF CATERING for 64 people.


THE BARN - has six independant units for self catering visitors. Two units sleep upto 10 people, the remaining four sleep upto 8. The lower three are also suitable for visitor with certain physical disabilities. £7.50 pppn.


THE ENGINE HOUSE - is a self catering unit for upto 8 people. £7.50 pppn.


THE POWDER HOUSE - is the old Lead Mines explosives store which date back to the 1650's. It is a basic hut which has a pot bellied stove for heating and will accommodate 4 people. It is self catering and has a camping cooker, chairs, table and sleeping bunks. the use of the camping toilets and showers are included in the price. £5 pppn.




All main units have:- And access to:-


- Full size 4 ring cooker - Pay Phone

- Fridge - Coin operated Washing Machines

- Kettle and Toaster - Coin operater Tumble Dryers

- Colour TV and Clock Radio - Drying Room

- Crockery, Cutlery,Pots and Pans

- Shower and W.C.

- Storage Heaters

- Mattress on bunkbeds


Slot meters are for the use of cookers, showers and sockets and the accommodation price includes heating and lighting.


Please bring your own towel and tea towels. If you do not bring your own sleeping bags you can hire one at £2.00 per night.


A returnable cleaning/breakages deposit of £30.00 per unit is payable on arrival.


Room for 124 people... with overflow campsites being readied!




No booking of accommodation yet, it will be first-come-first-served once the listing goes live.


Friday night, general social



Saturday night will be "the battle" where the camp is split into 2 rival pirate clans, and have assorted tasks and games to complete! The winning team will take home the crown for the year, and a personal award for Pirate Of The Weekend will also be presented.



Sunday night - The Calm After The Storm - Nice and peaceful for those that elect to take the longer break.



Day event for non-residents TBC. If your name is in the event log book, you have attended.


Get ready!!!!!!!

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Wait till ye see what the pirate games arrrr....


There'll be a mutiny!!!


Church Stretton was the original location but the only camp site there that was large enough will probs not be available for business. Derbyshire is ace, and Hope is ace too.


The stuff I have planned for Saturday is totally, totally loopy... it's all optional of course, but..... oh, I can't say yet (snigger!!!!) :unsure::D:D

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A listing will be up pretty soon, no rush yet. Spoke to site on Friday, they sound great!


Mikes Walks website has a Castleton route that I'm probably going to use for a series on the day... http://www.mikes-walks.co.uk/Walks/PeakDis.../castleton.html


Forecasted weather is 80C, glorious sunshine all weekend :D:rolleyes:


80 degrees?


Too hot for caching, can you ask them to build us a pool?

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Nice one. A cache map of a walk has been plotted, that vaguely resembles the Caribbean :P




A figure of 8 walk that can be done over 1 or 2 days, with a crossing point at "Port Royal" which happens to fall conveniently in the middle of the Caribbean, as was B)


Part 1 will be The Treasure Fleet, and part 2 The Silver Train. So, if you can "capture" both, then you must be a very fine pirate indeed B)


Now, for the final, of course X will mark the spot!

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Looks like I'm gonna have to borrow some annual leave from next year....


We had a re shuffle of our annual leave this year, and we got given 18 months worth last spring... it had to do me 2 summers!!!


Having a crisis trying to fit in all the camping events and stay within my annual leave entitlement!

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I'll find out on the campers, but it is indeed a No Caravan site. However - there is a reason why!


Looking around there are few sites in the area which are big enough for our entourage. At the time of planning Piratemania, the Mega Event date was some other time, and most lodgers would have therefore been travelling home straight after Piratemania.


Plus I wanted to do something a bit different! :blink:


The site has a load of tent pitches, and also it has loads of nice warm lodging in stone cabins, with oil heaters, and the whole set up is dirt cheap. Caravanners could leave the caravan at home, and pitch in the lodgings. :lol: That was the plan anyway.


The owners of the place are fab, it's in a stunning location, it's so cheap it's almost free!


Now... just up the road about 5 minutes away is Laneside Caravan Park. They don't do rallies, but it is intended to be an overflow site should we get over 124 overnighters. Those at Laneside (or indeed any other site in the area, providing I know where you are!) will get all the new cache listings beamed to them magically, and will also be able to sign the event log book and claim attendance. :lol:

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