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type of memory card for Vista HCx

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Not sure about the Vista HCx but Garmin has said the Sandisk Ultra cards will not work properly in their 60Cx and CSx units. In the Etrex x series, I would think that the same would apply.


Radio Shack's sales flyer for 12/9 thru 12/15 has the Sandisk 1Gb Micro SD card for $19.99 (Radio Shack item #44-163) and the 2GB for $29.99 (Radio Shack item #44-164). Neither require any type of mail-in-rebate. Both can be bought for less on-line, but these are good prices if wanting to walk-in a store and buy.


Looked like the Staples add did not include the Micso Sd Card, which is what is required.

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Hi, I just got a Vista HCx and I'm ready to add the City Navigator 2008 & Topo maps. Does it make any difference what type of card I get? Say Sandisk Ultra II SD vs Standard SD? There is quite a difference in price. Thanks in advance!

Go to the Garmin website and read the FAQ on memory cards. As I recall they recommend by name the Kingston and Sandisk micro SD cards. There is a model of the Sandisk that will not work in the Garmin.

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