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I'm new here....


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Hi everyone,


For my 8th birthday mamma let me get my own membership so I can start here, too!


My name is Hanna, I just turned 8. I like make-up and to play with my little sister, Caitlyn.


I want to start collecting coins. I like horses, dogs, guinea pigs and cats. My favorite geocoin that mamma has is the handcuffs, I love them (mamma is typing this as Hanna talks, and I gotta say this worries me a little bit :D )


I have my own geojellies that mamma bought for me. She bought me 10 of them to help me get my collection started.


I speak Swedish and English already and I'm in the second grade. I like to read books and I take riding lessons.


And I love to go geocaching with mamma and pappa and Caitlyn!


That's all now!





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Hi Hana -


Welcome to the forums. We do know your wonderful mom very well!


My children Jamie (Go Girl) & Mitchell (King Finder) got their own MWGB Duck & Frog so if you would ever like to trade with them they would love too trade.


Happy Birthday! Mine was yesterday! When is yours - today? This is a fun time to of year to have a birthday as everyone is celebrating something! :D Oh Happy Day!


7 was Heaven But 8 is Great!

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Hello Hanna and Happy Birthday to you! How wonderful it is that you can speak English and Swedish! Good for you! Today is my son, Aidan's birthday. He is 10 years old!


Welcome to the forums and to collecting geocoins. As a birthday gift to you, I would like to send you one of my Flock of Birds coins. Email me with your address and I will send it out next week.

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I want to start collecting coins. I like horses, dogs, guinea pigs and cats. My favorite geocoin that mamma has is the handcuffs, I love them


Welcome aboard, Hanna!


Glad you like the handcuffs we sent - you can tell your mom to give 'em up for your collection! ;)


Jim & Paula


HAH! I'd give the child my last piece of chocolate, but she ain't getting my handcuffs!


I'm STILL trying to figure out where the fur goes on them... what good are handcuffs without a fur lining?





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Hi how are ya feeling? i feel good! i hope yoo have a really good christmas! the 4th of dec i warm 8 yeav old. thank you for the birthday wishes and making me welcome. it makes me feel happy!


mamma is going to help me type the rest becaue i am slow.


GPX happy birthdya to you, too!


CheesyPigs hi liz! mamma says you are fun to talk to! I really like your ancient cultures ankh coin, will you trade me for my geojelly?


Tsun i really like your picture!


Tack så mycket, lelle!


CinemaBoxers mamma wont' give them to me. i even remembered to say please!


Degai hapy birthday to aidan! thank you for the bird coin, I can't wait!


deafhunt thank you and i hope the world never stops having fun!


Rockin' Roddy YAY! thank you thank you thank you!


from hanna :D

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Welcome to the wonderful world of geocoins!!! Starting so young...you dont have a chance in life!!! Except at the worlds greatest coinicker!!! :D ...Just kidding, with such a good mamma you cant go wrong!!!


I think we have our youngest amongst the forums-eh????


Enjoy all that geocoins and these forums bring...and happy Birthday!!!!

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