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Hide or Find?


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Since I'm still new to this, I will have to vote on the side of "finding". I also have reservations about "hiding" since I'm retired and we spend around 3 summer months in the mountains, 3 winter months in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas and the remaining 6 months either at home in Oklahoma or on various other outings (yes, we travel with a recreational vehicle, but not full time). I'm afraid that until we settle down, I wouldn't want to place a cache that I wouldn't be able to maintain on a regular basis.

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Again... both. Finding is a quick and generally short-lived pleasure, but it gets me out and about. Hiding is a long-lasting pleasure, though. It still gets me out and about when placing and when doing maintenance, but it is so much fun seeing the logs rolling in, especially those that have good things to say about my hides (and I'll admit it... seeing the DNF's for those that I intended to be difficult!)

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So far I have not hidden any caches since I do so much traveling that I would have trouble maintaining my caches in a timely manner. One of the things with geocaching that irks me the most is owners that will not respond to a "Needs Maintenance" log for many weeks. When the owner has been shipped off to Iraq it is understandable, but most of the time it turns out to be laziness or bad manners on the part of the owner.

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I like doing both, but lately I've been pretty disappointed with most of my finds.


One day while geocaching with my brother and his family, we both agreed that we were getting kind of bored with our caching finds lately. It was then that he made the revelation that "if other cachers were to hide caches like the ones we have hidden, we wouldn't be bored". You know, he was right.


It seems like most of the new caches we had been finding were placed simply because a cache could be placed there. There was really nothing interesting, unique, or particularly scenic about the location or the hide. (These are all attributes that we look for when we hide a geocache.)


I really long for more caches that take you to a place that you would never have found if it weren't for a fellow geocacher sharing it with us.



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Nothing beats a find on a cache in a cool location I would have never found on my own or a well thought out and executed night cache, but I'm still more of a hider.


Nothing makes my day more often than a thoughtful log, or pictures, on one of the many caches I've place to share spots that I have enjoyed since wayyy before I started geocaching. I love to read logs that describe an experience that I HOPED the finder would have, or to have someone post a DNF and STILL say how much they enjoyed the location or the experience getting to the cache area. :)



The Monoville "Hunters" Cache



A Claustrophobic's Nightmare/Just Say NO to Crack



Ode to Ranboze and bthomas



Hardcore Sunrise or Sunset




The Hidden Dragon



Tough Nuts in the "House of the Devil"



Fortress of Solitude



The FrogStar (West)



Willow Creek Family "OUTING"


Predictable enough for ya? wink

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I kind of go back and forth. Right now, I'm doing more Hiding. I have a number of hikes I want to accomplish during the cooler California months (summer can get blazingly hot for hiking around here), and I usually try and craft some sort of cache hide with each hike I do.


When the Spring rolls around, it seems like I get the itch to see what others have done, or try and hit some Events (another one of my favoritist things).

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I like hiding better although many of the wooded areas are already taken, and I don't want to encroach on another hider's territory. I live in the City, so I'm pretty much relegated to micros and smalls (in the local parks). I've been more creative with the containers in the last few weeks now that Winter has set in, and I'm enjoying that immensely.


I do enjoy finding, don't get me wrong, but I "have" to bring my son with me when we go, and he's disappointed when I tell him we're going to find three micros, two smalls and a regular. He immediately asks about the regular (for the swag), and I generally have to rearrange the trip to hit that one first which causes me to drive further than I'd like to.


I'd very much like to go on an extended caching vacation with my husband, but he's not the outdoorsy type, and I think although he'd get a lot of books read while we go on trail, he'd be bored. I'd like to get those numbers up there, but I think I'll have to wait another 11 years until my son goes to college. ; (

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Both. I swing both ways.


I prefer finding caches. With both of us working so much thru the week, it's great to get out with the kids and find a few. I've hidden over 100 caches so obviously hiding them is fun too. It's a bummer when one of yours gets muggled and it was full of TBs though :unsure:
A friend of mine had that happen just this past week. See this topic for more info. Edited by meralgia
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Right now I am into the finding. Setting goals and seeing new places planning a good milestone cache. Even areas that I thought I knew well a get suprised. I do like hiding but only if it has a purpose. An interesting place or view or just a good hike.

I think there is another category of cacher too, that is one that collects and move travelers (TBs and Coins)

Oops I forgot about the Puzzle cache fiends.

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My favorite parts are the puzzles. I only find the puzzles because I figure that if I spend all of that time solving it, I may as well find it. When it comes to hiding, I'd rather make a puzzle and let another cacher hide it. I'm more focused on finding caches, but I spend a lot more time creating or working on puzzles than I do at a cache site. (Not sure if thats good or bad)

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Hiding is a lot more fun for me. The developement of the container, finding the perfect location, creating a name and cache page and finally the correspondence with the cachers that find it; much more satisfying than a find. Although, I've had a few finds that were rewarding, usually the tougher to find multis at great locations.

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I am definately a seeker. My husband is a hider. We cache as a team which makes things interesting. He has a preference for urban caches and makes some interesting ones. I make organic containers. Definately leaves the locals wondering which of us made the container. Knowing who made it helps to know where to look!

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