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Group Hike at Southwestway Park, Indianapolis


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Looks like the 19th or the 26th would be good dates.. Any objections to either of those?


Of Dec? Too bad, I have to work on weekdays. But y'all have fun.


Oh, no, January. Theres too many conflicts in december.


Jan 19th or 26 looks good to me, weather permitting. Do note: In particularly wet weather, there is a portion of that low river trail on the way to the southwest caches that gets washed out and may well make that part of the park inaccessible when the river is up. Part of that river bank trail collapsed last spring and has not been rebuilt. In dry weather, it's fine.

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Wow, you guys are absolutely crazy. I did most of them this summer and its a great park to walk the trails in, but I don't have any desire at all to try with the temps near freezing. :(


Winter hikes are great! No bugs, no sweating, no Deet, no dense undergrowth, no canopy messing up the coords. You just have to dress for it, and wear a backpack so you can shed those layers as the hike warms you up. And don't stop to rest longer than 10-15 minutes or you'll wish you hadn't. FUN!

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How many miles would the hike be, and what's the terrain like? The old Lead Dog doesn't like to climb up hills...(down hill is OK, tho.


I think if you do all the caches in the park, it'll be something like 6 or 7 miles. Yes, there are a few hills, but nothing as dramatic as what you see in the south of the state. Mostly, it's one long incline above the river, one short, steep-ish downhill to the river, and another short, not too tough uphill back out of the valley. You can't stay up top, because you have to go around the golf course. That's just the south end of the park, about a 3 mile round trip. To the north, it's not as tough, but you are still dodging in and out of the river valley. Still, if you poop out (sorry, Patrick!) you can always return to the parking area half eay through, as we'll very nearly pass by it on the way to the other side of the park, since the parking area is in the middle of the park.

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