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FS Dream Catcher Set of 4 GeoCoins


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Venturing BSA Geocrew 44° 85° GeoCoin, Michigan Geocaching Group


Please visit and bid for these great coins.




Are you the venture crew that is the cache owner of "The Pit" GCG1AK. We where on a visit to MI from PA (at my sisters) and did this wonderful cache; had to as one of our group is almost an eagle scout.


I'm not part of the venture crew that did this coin and they are farther north than the group that placed that cache. I'll have to check with my ex-coworker David to see if he is part of the Venturing Crew you are talking about as I lived in East Lansing for 10 years until 2006.


I was the FTF on that cache. Cannot believe it is still there how cool is that. Totally forgot about that cache until you said something. Now I see why it doesn't come up in my FTF listings, I didn't use FTF in my post. Going to have to edit that into the post.





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I had a person from Denmark bid on the DreamCatcher Coins and the winner is from Germany. The winner of the Venturing Crew Coin is the same person that won the 1st set of DreamCatcher Coins. Is anyone here one of the winners? I was thinking about dropping in alittle something special if you are a geocacher. It is based on what I see in your caching profile. Someone with 0 finds would not get anything, but someone that I can tell caches would get a neat little surprise.



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