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Sundial Geocoin


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Hope everyone had a great weekend!




1) I have received the sundial goecoins in the mail and they sales will begin in the coming days. If you have not reserve your coins, you can do so HERE


2) The icon design contest will come to a stop by this Wednesday. The best icons will be announced by Thursday. You can post your design here or simply email them to me. The winner will be awarded a set of Sundial Geocoins. Please see previous post for contest rules.


Happy caching!


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Hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend! It is HOT here in Northern Virginia!


As some of you might know, I will be relocating back to West Coast in the near future and San Francisco will be my new home, beginning mid October. Dealing with a few uncertainties, I have no choice but to close the DWPRODS store temporarily. Hopefully, it would only be for a few months.


However, great news for everyone! From now till August 30, DWPRODS store will have its closing sale! The Sundial geocoins are now 25% off. These babies are great for family caching and birthday gifts, and it is certainly not too early to think about Christmas presents! Click the link below and take advantage of this offer. Available while supplies last.



If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at derek@dwprods.com!


Thanks and have a great day!


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/dwprods/76860101912

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Thank you much! :D Very much looking forward to it. Have been in VA/DC for a couple of years. Ready to move back to the west :drama:



These coins looks gorgeous, I'm looking forward to getting mine in the mail!


Good luck with your trip from Northern Virginia to California! I've done it once myself, moving from Fairfax to the Bay Area. Weather sure is nicer here. :mad:

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Hope everyone is doing well on this Sunday!


There are only 8 two-tones Sundial Geocoins for sale. Not making anymore of these cool coins. If you like to purchase them, please click on the click to my website: http://dwprods.com/Items/SundialGeo.htm


Have a great day!



First geocoin I've bought! Entirely new to this whole thing, but I couldn't resist once I'd seen the design :) I just hope my wallet isn't as badly damaged as it was by my last obsession. Looking at how fantastic most of these coins look though, that's probably wishful thinking :unsure:

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