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Need a cheap GPS unit, I have some questions.


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I was wondering if the Garmin eTrex was a good solid cheap unit to buy. Will it have the capabilities I need? Or I would like to hear some better suggestions on which unit I should get. I found 5 caches without one already, but the hints were rather good.

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Really no need to bump a day old thread. To answer your question...a GPS unit is like buying a car. You can buy a cheap car or an expensive car. Both will get you where you want to go. The more money you put in it, the more bells and whistles you will get.


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The eTrex will get you to the cache. Just be sure to look for the eTrex H. The H is important. H means that it has a high sensitivity receiver for better reception under trees.


Oddly enough Garmin sells both the eTrex and eTrex H for the same price, though the latter is a superior product.


As El Diablo so aptly put it, more money will get you more bells and whistles. Things like color displays, mapping, turn by turn driving directions, expandable map memory, additional waypoint capacity and more. What it won't get you is better accuracy. A $90 eTrex or eTrex H is as accurate as a $300 unit.


Beware of GPS envy. You buy a bottom line GPS like the eTrex H and are very happy with it. It gets you to the caches. Then you go to a geocaching event and see someone with a 60CSX or Vista HCX, see what they can do and you think "Wow, I want that". Next thing you know you're spending more money on another unit.


So my advice is to get the best unit you can afford. You aren't saving money if in 6 months you decide you need a better unit.

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