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Duck, Duck, Grey Duck (Goose) Cointest


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Please read the directions!


Remember the game duck, duck, grey duck/goose (depends on where you're from)?


Well, we are going to play this game for a surprise coin Christmas package! Please read the rules carefully:)


How to Play:


1. 1 post every 3 minutes (with the exception of rule #4).


2. When you post, you must post "DUCK" any other word, phrase, etc. will disqualify THAT post.


3. No post edits or THAT post is disqualified.


4. When you see me post the phrase "GREY DUCK/GOOSE", you are then free to post immediately BUT you have to post the phrase "RUNNING LIKE A DUCK". The 3rd person to post this phrase wins!


5. I will sporadically post the word 'DUCK', if you post "RUNNING LIKE A DUCK" after I post the word 'DUCK' you are out of the contest completely. So if you screw up you lose, lol.


6. I have final say on the winner.


Have fun:) Go!

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