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15 & 16

you got there at midnight

Correct about our numbers in line. Surprisingly the first people there were at midnight. The two of us didn't arrive till the 6 o'clock hour.


Arrow One email me with your addy for this half being right. Anyone who wants to play along to get the time right will win as well.

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i was doing the same thing this morning... though i got there at 7:22am, and was #19 (there were 20 available)


Wii love it!! it's very fun to play


It was quite an exciting time this morning...including a visit from the police <_< It will be sooooo worth it when Brenda opens it up on Christmas


Mii :anitongue:


Sorry Jim, not all of the Moun10Bike geocoins in the world would part Mii from my Wii

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