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I know everybody uses rechargables but I have used the lithiums for every gps I have owned for the last 10 years. I love the life of the lithiums and the added cold weather performance as mentioned but then again sometimes I will go for months without using my gps but when I do I want lithiums in there. But maybe that is just me.


team sidewinder

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I own a Garmin GPSMAP 60CXs and was wondering what the best battery option is. Re-chargables or Energizer Lithiums ?

I use Energizer rechargeable NiMH batteries in a garmin gpsmap76. They seem to last quite well between charges but power level indicated [by the GPSr] tends to drop away very sharply nearing recharge time. A cable for the car cigarette lighter is next on my shopping list.

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Our local Costco has the Sanyo Eneloops for, I think, $25. Includes 8-AA's, 4-AAA's, AA-C/D size adapters, a charger, and a plastic carrying case. With their coupon sale, my wife got a set for $19. :laughing:


The AA's are only 2000 mAh (most are 2500 and some up to 2900) but their low-discharge feature compensates for the lower power.


Note, Maha and Accupower now make low-discharge batteries (in 2100 mAh) with same low-discharge claims as the Eneloops.

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