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Triton 1500 next to a 60csx pictures

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Here are a few pics of the triton 1500 next to the garmin 60csx. Since I do not have the USB cable yet I can not load any thing on it yet. .From just from playing around with it this evening it seems pretty neat.


Some early observations so far. Please note I have not had a chance to actually use this to find any caches or to navigate anywhere


The 60csx is much easier to read without the back light it. You really need to get the t1500 at the right angle to view it but it is fine with the backlight on which is much brighter then the 60csx backlight


There are a few bugs most noticeable for me so far is that once you use the lamp button to turn on the backlight the unit dose not automatically shut the back light off anymore so you have to hit the lamp button every time you what to look at the screen unless you restart .


There is a touch screen lock on one of the profiles that locks not only the touch screen but it seems all the keys after a predetermined time. Since I do not have the instructions as of yet it took me a little to find the right key combination to unlock it which is pressing the zoom in and zoom out buttons at the same time.


It has a good feel to it and seems pretty sturdy the only thing that that bothers me with the case is the hold slide button which seems to rattle around under the plastic cover.


I like how the menus are with the exception of backing out or exiting a menu. If you guys are familiar with using windows mobile you will know that there is a x button in corner of the touch screen to exit out of the menu well that is not there on the Triton. To back out of a menu you need to press the esc button which I think is not located in the greatest spot. Other then that the touch screen is awesome.





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I have had a couple of questions about the Triton related to geocaching. I actually called Magellan to get some answers, but the tech guy did not even know what geocaching was, so he was no help. Unfortunately that has been the trend lately. Could you tell me if you can read the short and long description of the cache on the GPS? The Triton description sounds like it may be possible and leaves me with the impression that it is PDA like. I currently take a PDA out in the field with me, but if there is a GPS that would display the entire cache description then....well then....Magellan might be on to something.





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Thanks for the pics. Perhaps a dumb question - does the higher resolution screen on the Triton (CSx resolution of 160x240 vs. the Triton resolution of 320x240) translate into twice as good an image? I'm an avid California hiker about to buy my first GPSr and the screen resolution is the key unique feature that attracts me to the Triton. I can't seem to find any other trail GPSr model on the market now that features that high of resolution. I can't help but think that higher res is important when trying to view topo maps on a GPSr out on the trail. Thoughts? Thanks.

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