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Thanks, Brian. I guess the fact that you're the only one who wonders what happened to me might tell the tale of why I don't come around as often. B)


Nah. I got my PhD and donated my rustbucket of a car and so I don't get out to geocache as much as I used to. It seems like Boston isn't as active in the city as it once was too. I just don't see too many new caches that I can get to by public transit and taking a Zipcar out at $10/hr just to get lost in the woods for 2 hours means it's about $30-40 per weekend to cache and that adds up.


So, I still do it but I'm just not as active at it any more so I don't come poking around in the forums with the community. I did get out to the regional event in North Quabbin Mass. in the fall but even that seems like it might not happen this year if I hear the rumors true.


Ah well. I'll be in and out, but I just don't comment as much.

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Evergreenhiker! got a girlfriend and a life. B) Met her three years ago last weekend, in fact - best excuse ever for missing one of the PNW's famous Cache Machines. John does still cache occasionally (he and inmywoods hiked with us last month), but he's got 'other' things to do now. B)


Leatherman dropped out completely, I believe.

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