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Coming home to Ottawa next week...

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I'm scoping out a few now :) It's amazing there's a ton of them right near my old homestead. First one I'm going to get is accessible and it's less than .3 km (that's maybe 700 ft!) from home. There's bunches more nearby too - some have the winter icon, some don't. Knowing the area (or at least I used to!) I can probably eyeball from the location whether it's good to look for or not.


Darn it I'm excited... first time home in 8 years and I have a mission!



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Snow adds to the fun, just be paitent and you should be ok.


As for caching why not post a note to the Canada's Capital Cachers forums. Linky


There is a group called the Geomob that meets every Saturday to do a little morning caching. There are more than willing to take out of towners on a run.


You can also contact me and I can post a note on the forums for you.



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Thanks so much for the info - I just signed up and posted to the forum.


Baking Bread, eh? *g*... looked at that one - right in the good ole Byward Market. Dunno if Mom will be game to go down there, but I'll keep it in mind if she's adventurous. My first "real" job was in the Rideau Centre... ummm 22 years ago... gawd I feel old now...


This one is going to be a MUST: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...7c-697f73890e58 since it's so close to home I can probably sneak out before breakfast and get it and not be missed :) There's a few in that area in the parks I used to hang in when I was a teenager and such.


I must remember that I'm there to visit family... not *just* geocache...


So many caches, so little time...


Jenn :)

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Ah yes... 'Baking Bread' 'twas closest to our hotel in Feb 2006. That was the trip where there was a thick sheet of ice over the entire city and caches had to be chipped out of their hiding places with rocks.

We posted a few DNF's on 'Baking Bread' before the cache owner decided to have a look... Lo and behold we weren't just blind - it was missing! Finally, before we boarded the plane back to mow our lawn :anicute: we made one more trip and found it! We still have fond memories of our hunts for this one and recommend it to anyone we know who is going to visit Ottawa.

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Thanks! I just might do that. That's why a group event is fun - meet other cachers and make some new caching buddies.


My boyfriend is now 60 caches ahead of me... I'm going to have to do some serious caching to try to narrow the gap!


I'm trying to decipher a puzzle cache right now so I'll know where to look... you folks are big on puzzle caches - my head hurts already! I've got my daughter working to solve one now - want to be ready!



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