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Not another "Mailbox/Forums" coin!


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Gonna help out with keeping track again... :rolleyes:


61. dflye

62. imchasingshadows

63. TH5

64. Nurse Nanna

65. dimkasmir

66. OwlCacher

67. _c3_

68. SCYoli

69. Ranger Fox

70. SCBrian

71. BlueMotmot

72. The Amigos

73. Wavesprite

74. Lisa70000

75. Tigsurfn

76. Stungbythebug (will have to be verified if it's ok)

77. Buttwieser

78. Wutzebear

79. Steinwalzer



PS if by some chance you can shorten your name by using initials or any other shortened version PLEASE by all means do so!

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Since the list has not filled up yet, if you decide to take nominations for names, I would like to nominate "the3defaus". They are the leaders of our local geocaching group, and they have done SOOOO much to promote the sport here in our area, Steve especially. He works with the local Police department to keep them up-to-date on where all the local caches are hidden, so the rest of us don't get into too much trouble. He also works with the Chamber Of Commerce to help bring caching visitors to our town. If it wasn't so late, I would call him and ask him to add his own name, but I know he wouldn't do it!!

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Oh wow, I am in :sad:


I just got the notification email for this thread this morning on my pda, and didn't have the time to switch on my computer as we were leaving for a family visit. I tried to answer on my pda (which seemed to work), but couldn't check the whole thread, and couldn't follow it until now :sad: Just back from our trip to find out that I made it just in time :D:D:D

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I've read and re-read the rules and keep waiting for a "call." Hopefully, I will catch it when it shows up, but thought there would not be any after today. I am asking that you put my geocaching name on a coin, but also know that I am out of order here since you have not issued a call for names yet. Or, at least, I don't think you have! This is a just-in-case request:



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