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Revenge from Portugal Geocointest and a portuguese adicted


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For a free Portugal Geocoin2007 geocoin...please read rules carefully, this is a different type of cointest.

(sorry tsun for this copy of your cointest :D:) i hope you dont mind)




1. You may only post 5 times in this thread. Any other posts will be as if it does not exist. This will make sense in a bit.


2. I have final say on winner.


3. This is a random post drawing.


4. CONTEST CLOSES AT 05.00PM this forum time (it gives you an entire day)


5. Portuguese are not allowed in this small revenge :D:D




You may post up to 5 times only during the course of this contest. When YOU post, YOUR post nominates the person who posts before you. The last person's post nominates the first poster. Your actual post, if drawn, makes the person before your post, the winner. So when the random drawing happens, you will want the person who posted after you to have their post # drawn because that will make you the winner. LOL, clear as mud right? Just post 5 times (spread them out) today and don't worry about it, I know what I am saying


(sorry tsun to copy again :D i've done some minor changes)




Post #1 PLnauta (this post nominates Dakota)

Post #2 Tristin (this post nominates Plnauta )

Post #3 Cowboy (this post nominates Tristin)

Post #4 Dakota (this post nominates Cowboy)


Consider this my Post #1

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