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Christmas BABY Cointest

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I've seen so many cointest come out and wanted to do one but was looking for a special occasion or event. Here is MY special event:


My daughter is having her first baby. She is due on Dec 21rst. It's a GIRL!


If you can guess the exact DATE, LENGTH and WEIGHT of when she will have her you will win an unactivated new geocoin. (Hopefully one of our new coins coming out in a couple weeks).


Good luck and Happy Guessing!





The one who gets the date right and closest to the weight and length will win. You have a couple of weeks to enter as many times as you want.

Thank you all!

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Congrats, Grandpa & Grandma


Dec 24

6lb. 14oz.



Who ever wins do they get to name her lol.


They're naming her Helaena Fae (pronounced- Ha-lay-na) (Fay)


It's different, :anitongue: but then again my daughter seems to set trends rather than follow them. <_<


The baby shower was yesterday and I have to say that kid has more clothes to start off then I ever had for mine! But thats a good thing. She will be well dressed!

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