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Christmas Cheer


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Hmm, I have received about 30 emails, and will honor them all.


I love this forum!!


WOW! That is going way above and beyond! Thank you!!



Naomi ;)


Just wanted to add my humble thoughts...you really know how to get us all into the true Spirit of Christmas!! Thanks so very, very much!

Warm regards,

DrJeepStr :blink:

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Wow!! I am just blown away by your generosity!! What a way to kick off the holiday season!


I saw your post when I woke up this morning, and saw that 10 people had already sent you an email, and I was disappointed that I was too late, but thought that it was such a nice thing to do for the community. I checked my email during the day and I was greeted with a request for my address!! Does the happy dance at work!! :D:blink:


Thank you sooo much ;):D:D

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I will reply to only one topic tonight and it is this one!!! Just got in to see whats happenenin and head on out. When I check this thread to brag that I made the top 10 and WHOA!!!!!...That there BlueMotmot has some kinda crazy "BlueMotmot Christmas Geocoin Giveaway Blowout cointest!...How freakin cool! :D


Here I though I was lucky for being here at 3:00AM when I had to leave at 5:45 and I find out that like a whole gang load were lucky just for bein where they like to be! ;)


Thanks BM and congrats to all that just so happened to chime in, despite the first 10 posts bein all taken up!...Thats the Christmas Cheer! :blink:

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I am so glad that everyone took this offer in the way it was intended - to create good feelings. I have all the coins packaged and will mail the USA destinations on Wednesday, my next day off. The international coins will take me an extra day to fill out the customs form. It is really cool to know my coins are going off to Europe and Australia.


thanks everyone - this made me feel good too!!

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