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Are you a converted Muggle?

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Yes, I was once a nosey muggle. December 30, 2001 I was taking a walk in Valley Falls Park, Vernon, CT, on a nice winter day. I saw a couple looking for something, and stopped to help. They told me about Geocaching, we found it, (GC2DCF, Hybernation, which is still active) and I signed the logbook. I didn't register until March of 2002, when I purchased a GPSr, and after a lot of snow had melted.


THANKS Trawler, for taking the time to tell me about what you were doing out there!

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I must say if it wasn't for my children...I wouldn't have a clue!!! On a beautiful, slighlty drizzling Sunday afternoon {Oct 14/07} the family {My husband, step-daughter Alysha, 9yrs old, my daughter Emelie 10yrs old, my son Zackarie 9yrs old & myslef} decided to take a three hour long walk in Sunnidale park. It has spectacular colours during the fall season. As we were treking throught the woods my son & daughter were telling us about this box full of little treasures that they had found last year while playing hide & seek with their father sometime last year and that they wanted to show us. To my amazment after doing some "circles" around the area WE FOUND IT! It wasn't until that day that they realized exactly what it was. We found some information about GEOCACHE and I later researched it on the internet & explained to them what they had found. Well isn't the coolest thing on earth was their response! It was quite amazing to find the note they had left last year...we took several pictures of our findings including that note and the new note we left. We didn't take anything but we did leave a hair clip, magnet, a tube and an apple crumble pie recipe. That's all we had on us. Now we know and for our next hunt we'll be prepared! I think this might be our new weekend activities! I can't say in words how I feel that this is going to be a family activity filled with wonders and exploration! I hope these to be wonderful memories for our family. I must say I myself might be hooked on this idea. I can't believe that my children stumbled on this treasure by pure luck and now it might be a family tradition. Let the fun begin!!! :grin:

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I had gotten my family involved in letterboxing after reading an article in the Lansing State Journal a couple of years ago. In the summer of 2006 my brother joined the family on a camping trip in the Upper Peninsula (Indian Lake State Park and Tahquamenon Falls) and he took us geocaching. We were hooked! We now do both on our vacations and on the weekends when time allows.

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I found out about geocaching a few weeks back, a cache being hidden in the park about a block away was witnessed by muggles and reported, a big scare with hazmat and everything ensued, I wasn't even aware it was happening until later that night when my fiancee's stepfather who is a volunteer fireman told me about the incident and it being some game where "people hide things and something about the internet", a friend of mine who is a fire chief gave her stepfather more info upon my request and I logged into the site and became really interested. I talked to my father who lives a good distance away and explained the game to him so he got me a GPS and one for himself and we both are addicts now, every weekend since I got my GPS I've been out hunting them.

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Have you been a muggle in the past that stumbled upon geocaching and was converted? Please share your storie. Or if you know of one also thanks


Arent we all? :(


I had no idea geocaching existed until I stumbled on it through the all knowing Google... I checked out the geocaching.com website and realized that I had been living LITERALLY like 200 yards from a cache for the past 3 years without knowing it was there....


I have been hopelessly hooked ever since.

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