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Garmin C330

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Note that the c320/30/40 are, in essence, PURECar Navigators. They have a built in speaker (not in the cable assembly) and provide among the best audio and routing directions using Garmin's version of Naqteq road maps. Don't expect any hiking, marine or geocacheing features from these units. We examined the screen brightness and readability in sunlight on a car dash and found it to be "readable" but these models had considerably less contrast and readability than the StreetPilot 26x0 models, was a little worse than the Quest models and a bit better than the TomTom "GO".



****not my information, I copied from



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You cannot put coordinates into a C-330, nor will it show coordiantes in any format.


Not totally correct. Read down about 4 posts and Clyde ,the author of GSAK and after that Robert Lipe the author of GPSbabel have this to say about the C330. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=178109


Well, I was assuming that they meant as a stand alone GPS without using software to program. I stand partially corrected.

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