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Custom POI limit using POI Loader?


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I have a Garmin Legend HCx with a 2 GB microSD card.

I have succesfully copied several .csv files to my Garmin using POI Loader.

I have copied one thousand postcodes, for example, but if I try 10,000 the operation fails.

I believed that the limit on the number of POIs able to be copied in this manner was only dictated by the size of the microSD card, which, in this case should not be an issue.

Does POI LOader impose its own limit, or might there be another reason the operation fails?

Should I simply connect to the Legend, or should I have USB Mass Storage connected?

A reply that I received from Garmin states. "POI information is stored on the internal memory of the GPS, not on the memory card, and so the number of POIs that can be loaded to this unit

is limited. The microSD card is used for storing mapping information

and for holding a backup of any track data that the unit records.".

I thank you in anticipation.

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Try 10,001 :) .


What's a postcode?


I have 12000+ customized POIs on my Vista HCx with a 1gb card. That plus maps for SoCal is only using 6% of available memory space on the card. The POIs include caches, benchmarks, and Starbuck locations. None in themselves are over 10K; could that be the culprit? I hope not.

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Thanks for your replies, Mach2003 and Chuy.

A postcode is a United Kingdom ZIP.

Since posting my original quey, I have tried various things:

I have been able to transfer in excess of 10,000 postcodes, but POI Loader's behaviour seems erratic, sometimes executing the transfer successfully, sometimes not, and sometimes I am advised that there is a problem with a particular row when I know there is not.

Also, concerning my question about the status of my GPSr when using POI Loader, it informs me that it cannot perform the operation when I have the USB Mass Storage connected, yet when I switch out of that mode then perform the operation again, it seems that twice as many items in the list have been transferred.

I remain somewhat confused.

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I load in excess of 40000 POIs and have not bumped into a limit yet. I have a 1 gig card.


Note that the POILoader has a help file which includes a little bit on specifications on how it uses csv file format to create the database inside the GPSr. If you have not seen it, run the POI Loader and click the Help button and look around for "Creating CSV Files". If this does not help as much a needed then:


Try this test: Load a copy of the csv file into Excel (or any spreadsheet program that can handle csv files. It should distribute the data into columns. If it does not (eg you have the spreadsheet software configured to not process csv files as spreadsheet files) then try importing the data using the comma as separator/delimiter. (Note: do not save with Excel; It's likely to take shortcuts on saving some data that cause trouble). If you want to edit, then load the original file into Wordpad and do any editing there. (Note also that while the file is open in Excel, no other software can use it and you will get an error - so you might have a separate copy open in Excel)


Now using the spreadsheet software to view the file, scan down the list. If you see data missing or in wrong columns, then that is stuff you can fix.


If you have a particular line that is indicated to be at fault, then go to that line and look at the line and the two that surround it. Are there peculiar symbols in the data? Edit out these symbols. Are there any places where you have two quotes like this


If so, remove the two quotes leaving just the two commas. Also look for this symbol: @ Note that the POI loader does special things with this and the characters that follow it. If you are not using proximity alerts, then get rid of any @.


Make sure you back-up your original files before doing this so you can revert if needed.


If you find that you get erratic behavior doing exactly the same transfer back to back with exactly the same file, then this sounds like a hardware issue. When I see this happening, I find that re-seating the SD card in the GPSr fixes it. Note that the metal holder clip needs to slide forward after you get the card positioned correctly (I think some folks forget or don't know that).

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