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Pocket Query - Get ALL Logs for Caches?

Mindless Drifter

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Hi.. I'm new to geocaching but I have recently run some Pocket Queries and output the results in .gpx format so that I can view them on my Pocket PC using GpxView. Everything works great except that I can only see the last 5 log entries for every cache. Is there any way to specify ALL or a maximum number of logs to include for each cache when doing a Pocket Query?




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If you individually download the GPX files from the cache page, you'll get 20. If you have any logs on the cache, you'll get the five most recent and yours. Otherwise, it's the five most recent.


Some caches have 300+ logs. You don't really need ALL of them do you?


No, I really don't need "ALL" of them, but I have noticed useful tips & hints (beyond the last 5 logs) that were useful in locating a cache. I think it would be nice to specify the last "N" logs or all logs after a specified date (with a maximum limit, of course).

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When you get the Pocket Query in your email InBox, if you have specified you want the files in the .gpx format (not .loc format), you will get all the cache information, including the Hint, and the Last Five Logs.


I use "smart name" codes in GSAK to give me a Waypoint name that is meaningful, and also use the code '%hint' to get part of the Hint in the Comments section of my GPSr. :ph34r:

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