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MAC users - help.

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Option-K is actually a "ring above," used in Swedish (and maybe some other languages?).


The degree symbol is typed on a Mac with Option-Shift-8, thusly: 32°. Note that it's a little bigger than the "ring above." It's also slightly different from the masculine ordinal (Option-0).




Cool, Thanks for setting me straight :)

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Using a PC, if you type <ALT> 167 you will get the degree charactor.


º as in 31º 12.345 106º 67.890


How do you do that with a MAC?



On a MAC, go to preferences>International. Click "input Menu" button. Check "on" to Keyboard Viewer and Show input menu in menu bar. Then whenever you need some special character, click the flag in the main menu bar, a keyboard appeares and you can try out all the key combos.

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