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Thailand, Koh Lipe

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If anyone's looking for an amazing Thai experience, with a cache to find, head to Koh Lipe, a small island about an hour and a half west off the southern tip of Thailand. It's part of a marine park, and the only inhabited island in the area.


Where does Geocaching come in? While there in March attending a family wedding, I hid a cache to commemorate the event, not realizing it wouldn't be allowed as a proper cache as I live too far away. So there it sits, full of goodies and a logbook, ready to be found ... removed.


It's not far from Mountain Resort on Koh Lipe ( you can't go wrong staying there - even if you don't, make sure you stop by the awesome Karma Bar ... google them, they've got a great site, and Mountain Resort has a link to the wedding I attended ... and tell Fiona and Jeff, the owners, that Tangerineman said hello).


Co-ordinates following....

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