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Being Thankful Cointest


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I never knew that these were actually real...it turns out they are!!!!




I love that picture!

When the dive master was trying to get our attention, he would act like he was riding a horse. Who knew that you would love horses, even the underwater ones ;) !!!


All it needs is a saddle and Spongebob could take a ride :D Aren't they the most delicate creatures you've ever seen? I've seen them in the wild twice. When I was in Belize we looked for them in the Mangrove shelves but never found any :D If I had a salt water aquarium, I'd fill it with seahorses :D

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Thanks for the fun cointest!! Those are great pictures!!


Now tell us was it the seahorses you incorporated into your wedding?

Incorporating Sea Horses would have been cool, but we did have a turtle at our wedding. I proposed to my wife during a trip to Hawaii and we had the fortunate time of swimming and playing with the endangered Green Turtle. This was the first time in our diving that we actually saw turtles, so I took it as a sign and it has become a symbol of the beginning of our life together. We met in Hilton Head, SC and decided to get married there overlooking the beach. It was a "no brainer" that since were where having a type of tropical wedding that we needed to have a turtle there as well. I had the baker make my groom's cake in the shape of a turtle!!!


Although this is not a great picture, it does show the importance of the turtle. By the way, the purpose of the trip was to celebrate our 7th year Anniversary which was just last week.


Again thank you everyone for making this fun for me and Happy Thanksgiving to all.


Kind regards,





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