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Ever included Geocaching as an interest on a CV?


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I haven't written a CV since my muggle years but I guess it could be a good talking point.

I have to admit that although I work for a large company, I have only told a couple of people who might understand what we get up to. Even then, I could see them glazing over and did not really "get it". As far as my work colleagues are concerned we just do an awful lot of walking :blink:



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I'd be careful if I were you, you'll risk the 'geek' accusation! ;)


Unless of course you are applying for a Geeky sort of job that is ;)




I do a geeky nerdy IT job. The thought of explaining to my management about geocaching. "Yes, the satellites tell me where it is. Yes, that's right a little box. Full of trinkets. On top of mountains. Yes, maybe 10 miles from the nearest road. Yes yes, sorry....? The door?... over here....?"


I'm like others have said that they do - I just go walking a lot - people don't have to know exactly what I do in private! ;)

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I havent written a CV since I sarted caching but would certainly include it if the opportunity arose.


Most of my colleagues at work know what I do and pay interest, although I suspect they think I am more than slighly mad. One of the GP partners is reading a book which has geocaching in the plot, and she knew what it was when I mentioned it. She has even offered me a lift to place a cache near where she lives!


I haven't yet persuaeded any of them to come with me though ;)

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Have just got a new job and i did explain that i'd not take it if it meant working every weekend. When asked why i gave the 2 reasons, we go away every other weekend as a family with the caravan and we go caching. Explained what that was to the interviewer who said that that's the kind of thing her OH would love doing.


Our daughter has to do a talk at school every year and so far she's done one about her collection of beanies, our dog and then last year she did one about caching. We got permission to hide two boxes on the school grounds and i took the co-ords for the two that i hid. With our 2 gps's we split the class [and both teachers came too] and left them to find the boxes. I broke the geocaching rules and filled the boxes with lollies and as the day was lovely, once they were both found the kids [teachers] all sat out on the grass and Marnie chatted about our hobby. Then the questions came, most she could answer but a few i bailed her out on. Every one agreed that 'seeing' how the hobby worked was far better than trying to explain it in a class.

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I haven't had to do a resume since I started geocaching but I would definitely include it as it demonstrates skills such as puzzle solving, lateral thinking, persistence, self-motivation, and the ability to learn and use new skills and technology. Geez, I'd give myself a job with those sorts of skills!

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It would be a good point if you look for a job like city tour, physical education teacher or youth hotel animator.


For a typical office job, the image of you searching for some boxes in the mud in the forest could not assemble a best impression. It's just like the office muggles think.

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