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Cointest for my FTF today

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Today I got a FTF that was quite difficult. Mainly as it was a multi and the coordinates to the second stage were I bet a half mile off. LOL I persevered and got that FTF so in honor of that I am going to have a little cointest.


The prize here will be a FTF pin and my blue glitter MWGB ducky. This color is mainly left in caches and on raffle tables. If you already have the blue one go ahead and guess and I can send you a different color if you don't have the other two (yellow and red).


The rules are simple:

1) One guess every ten minutes person i.e. ten minutes between your guesses.

2) No editing of your guesses

3) Have fun!

4) I determine the winner--someone else does have the answers though

5) No whining

6) No sock puppets


Now for the questions


1. What is my husband's first name-not a caching name.

2. I have been out caching a few times over the last few days. How many caches and/or events do I still have to log?

3. Last week I splurged on something for myself. What is it? Nope its not a new unit as I love my current lowrance h20c


I am getting something to eat and will be back in a bit and later will give some hints......

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I won't play, but was great chatting with you and everyone yesterday...did you see the Great Geo-Pumpkin? I never saw, but was treated!!


You can play Rod. You don't already know the answers!! Only one person besides me knows.....


Wasn't there a flash of orange??? congratulations!!

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