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If I win the Powerball, I'm placing a cache in...

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I recently discussed this with my wife and if we won millions we would still live where we are now. Considering I wouldn't give her up for money or caching (or anything else). I'd probably end up buying land to turn into a nature reserve. And maybe place a cache or two nearby. :santa:


Now we might have a vacation home in Key West so I'd probably put a couple there as well.

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I think the most obvious answer would be to put one on the moon ...
The moon is in motion relative to the surface of the earth, so any cache there would be a "traveling cache" and geocaching.com would refuse to list it.


Perhaps someday there will be a selenocaching.com variant, once lunar positioning satellites have been deployed. But I think it would get pretty boring. "Hint: look in the crater." "Hint: it's in the crater." "Hint: right next to the crater."

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If I won anything at all in the lottery it would be because someone left a good ticket in a cache for me to find. Never do buy those bloomin' things.
Indeed. I did the calculations once and found that the odds of somebody giving me a grand-prize-winning ticket are not significantly worse than the odds of my winning if I buy a ticket every day. Both are dwarfed by the odds that I'll be struck by lightning.
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I would buy some land, near an intersection and make it look like a construction sight with a gravel pile and some lumber. I would have a shipping container set there with a lock on it that you would have to solve a puzzle to figure out that the container was the actual cache and then figure out how to open it. It would have electricity so when you opened the door the lights would go on and there would be a pop and snack machine in there. Also a table to relax. I would have the whole sight on close circuit camera. Then I would put a new caching rig ( Jeep! ) in it for the FTF prize. I would probally keep it stocked with cool swag.


It's not like I have ever thought about this.


Actually I wasn't waiting to win the lottery to do this.

Well maybe if I added the FTF prize.



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If I were crazy rich and able to spend my days roaming the earth and oceans finding and placing cahces, I would definitely have to buy this and set up a really cool cache in here!


What about you?


What type of cache-mayhem would YOU bring into the world?


Well, I was going to say I'd put one on the side of the Sears Tower, but I just can't get over that missile base. Seriously, 1.5 million sounds cheap for an old ICBM facility. Wish I had it. I'd find a way to convert it into a nice home.


Might be nice to restore the Argonaut mine and place a cache at over seven-thousand feet underground, but then you'd get people bellyaching about bad GPS reception.

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