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Pocket Queries for Premium Members

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I am a premium member and had a question about these pocket queries. Is there a limit as to how many queries I can run while I am a premium member? On the query page, it says I can create up to 40. Does that mean I get 40 total for the year? I know it can only process 5 different ones during and day and it can only process one search of that type a day. I'm just confused as to the limits and what exactly it all means. Thanks.

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I agree with BlueDeuce. You have no limit per yaer. You can not run more than 40 queries at 1 time but if you deleat 1 you can create another.


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Actually you are limited to some 1825 per year, at 5 per day. Only 40 standing queries in your list.


Don't even think of it per year, it's just 5 per day.

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Just splitting a fine hair here.


Generate a PQ to me means 'to run' - 5 per day.


You can build up to 40 PQs but you can only run 5 of those per day.


well, every 24 hour period.


I see the confusion on repeated search type. "Because of the detailed queries, each search can run only once per day."


That means that specific query itself can only be run once per day. You could set up another just like it and run that one (once per day).

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Another thing that confused me at first - the limit of five per day are PQs that are processed and an email is sent.


When setting up a PQ, as long as you don't check the day you want it to run, you can submit the PQ, preview the results, edit the PQ, submit & preview, edit, submit & preview, etc. It won't count against your five per day limit until you check the day you want it to run and do the final submit. When it runs the 'last run date' in your PQ list is bold - then it counts against your daily limit.

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