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Taking a break from caching - See you in 2009

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As the title says, due to personal circumstances I'll be taking a break from caching for the rest of this year and the whole of next year. I'll still be lurking around the chatroom and the forums, reading all of the varied posts.


It's been great fun since I started caching back in February 2006 and meeting you all at various events throughout 2006.


I'd like to especially thank Mongoose39uk, MrsB and Third Degree Witch listening to my moans over the past year and putting up with it.


Fingers crossed 2008 will be a whole lot better than the crap year this year. 2009 will be my "bounce back" year.


So one last dose of :ph34r::blink::blink:, so long and thanks for all the fish.


And in the immortal words of the terminator "I'll be back" :P

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When I wanted a break from me computer and the pub, I took up volunteering at the local nature reserve (country park). Really rewarding, it helped me learn loads about the natural world, bird and plant identificaion and woodland management skills such as coppicing, rhodedendron and balsam removal, and wetlands development. Plus you meet a fab range of people too, many who have become great long term friends. Getting out in the fresh air is one of the best things you can do (we all know it as cachers!) and volunteering as a ranger is undoubtedly one of the best ways of doing it. Therapeutic too, and puts you right at the top of the queue for paid work - and it's a long queue!


Your local council website will list the nearest country parks (which you'll probably know about already), and will give you contact info. Give 'em a shout and they'll only be too glad to benefit from your services!


Whap me an email if you want any more info :blink:

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Hiya Rich


I too have taken a bit of time off caching due to the renovations to my house going on. I'm having trouble thinking about anything else for the moment, they've been a bit fraught!


I can understand your wanting a bit of time out, sometimes it does us all a load of good to take a bit of "Me" time.

I'm using my renovation time as a bit of "me" time too... it's done me good, but you should take Mark's advice above, and get out and about in the fresh air - does us all wonders you know - even if it's not hunting for a butty box!


Heck, I even went for a walk last week - without there being a plastic box at the end of it!


Take care, and I'm sure I'll see you when I come back into Geochat in a few weeks!

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due to personal circumstances I'll be taking a break from caching

Tried that, twice!... didn't last long mind you. Geocaching has addictive qualities that are very hard to shake off.

So see you in a few months time :blink:






(oh - my 1000th posting :cry: )

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