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How do I get going?

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Disclaimer: I have never used GPS units or topos, and generally have no CLUE what I'm doing! I am a bit tech savvy on other things though.


I have been interested in geocaching since I first heard about it a couple of years ago, but never had the cash to get into it with college and everything. I recently got married, and we got a TomTom One as a gift from an aunt. I understand that TomTom is made for road use, but I am pretty sure that I can use it for caching.


I followed a guide on how to put POI's into the TT, and switch the files to something the unit can read using some online converter. I did two different caches and it sort of worked... I tried one of them tonight and I can get within 10 yards or so before it tells me that I have reached my destination, and it clears the route... It's really frustrating. I was just reading about a program that you can enter in so that it will not allow TT to snap to the road, but I can't get it to work. I heard that I can enter in the specific latitude and longitude and find it that way, but I don't even know really how I find that information on the cache information


I think I need a new unit, but I am broke as a joke, but I'm sick of waiting! Stupid student loans!! I have a new puppy and I think we could have a lot of fun! I really need to get something that is simple to use, but thorough and accurate without spending a ton of money..


Any suggestions on units or at least features I really need? I don't particularly want to spend more that $100 (preferably $50-80).


www.buy.com offers google checkout, and google checkout is offering free shipping and $10 off for first time users, so I would maybe want to do this soon before the offer expires!



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If your Tom Tom has a satellite screen/page and has rechargeable batteries, you can use it to cache. Batteries may only last a few hours, but it can be done. You will also need to know the cache coordinates so you know which direction to go when looking at the satellite screen. #s go up for northwad and westward movements.


If you don't have either of these, use Tom Tom to get you as close to the cache as possible and find the cache using print-outs from zoomed-in aerial pics. You can use nearby bushes, trails, etc... as markers. I've cached this way when I forget my GPS at home and I want to grab a couple on the way home from work. You'd also be surprised how many cachers, electively, don't use a GPS at all.


Don't rule out a used GPS from Ebay/Craig's list. There's an Etrex and Lowrance for $10 on Ebay. Also check the GPS Garage Sale on this forum.

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