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Smokey Bear Geocoin Now Available


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The Smokey Bear Geocoin is now available at http://shop.family-roadtrip.com/product.sc...mp;productId=46


The Smokey Bear Geocoin has been produced with permission from the U.S. Forest Service

10% of all sales will go to the USFS Fire Prevention Program.

The 1.75" x 3.5 mm thick, brass, Smokey Bear Geocoin has been created in two versions - Antique Copper finish and Antique Bronze finish

Front of coin carries the tag line "Only You Can Prevent Wildfires" and Smokey's Face in relief (3D)

Reverse of coin has the geocaching symbol, tracking number and a reminder of the tag line, "Only You . . ."

Trackable at geocaching.com

Custom prefix (SB)

Unique icon

Activation codes available online through Coincodes.com

The tracking number has been digitally removed from the photo.


The name and character of Smokey Bear are the property of the United States, as provided by 16 U.S.C 580p-1 and 18 U.S.C. 711, and are used with the permission fo the Forest Service, US Department of Agriculture.

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Like it a lot in bronze. Love it in copper! betcha ant. silver would look sweet also.

any plans for that?

doing any trades?

I'd definitely like a set of these


No immediate plans for another color. I was / am considering a gold one Made in the USA but have not made a final decision yet.


I don't trade the Smokey and Woodsy coins because of the licensing agreement with the US Forest Service. It's not that I'm prohibited from doing so but I would need to "purchase" them from myself first so the USFS gets its commission. That would be an accounting nightmare.

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Cool coin. Just in case anyone was wondering (as I was):


Smokey Bear's message "Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires" was created in 1944 by the Ad Council. In a recent study, 95% of those surveyed could finish the sentence when given the first words. In April 2001, Smokey's message was updated to "Only You Can Prevent Wildfires."


from Wikipedia

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I just seem to be geting the Generic Icon.


Will it be changed?


The correct icon appears on coincodes.com. I will inquire but you might want to as well. Did you already place one in a cache? What is the cache name and ID number? I will forward it to them.



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Just to clarify the icon on coincodes.com arent' tied in with the icon showing up on Groundspeak.


If the icon for an activated coin doesn't show up you would need to contact Groundspeak directly.




I just sent an e-mail to Groundspeak as well as coincodes.com. Hopefully they will be able to resolve this soon.

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