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Santa’s Christmas Window Geocoins

Dr. Whoever
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Santa’s Christmas Window Geocoins

From Castle Coins & Pins


The Reservations are going FAST (3/4 of the coins have been reserved in less than 24 hours). At this time the Antique Nickel is UNAVAILABLE (All Reserved) and there are only approximately 20 Antique Gold and about 60 Deluxe Edition.


Announcing our newest and one of our most beautiful geocoins: Santa’s Christmas Window Geocoin. Paula of geocoindesign.com designed this incredible “sun-catcher” geocoin from a concept suggested by a customer (Brock from Tulare, California).



In order to ensure you won’t miss out on these phenomenal coins you might consider reserving NOW. All you’ll need to do is email the information listed below to me NO LATER THAN (November 25). I will ship all reserved coins no later than December 10th to ensure arrival prior to Christmas.


Price: $10 each (Antique Gold, Antique Nickel), $11.99 (2 Tone Deluxe Edition)


Send to: canningcastle@charter.net



Your Name:

Your Country:

Paypal e-mail for billing:

Contact e-mail (one you check often):

# of coins you would like to reserve

Antique Nickel Edition:

Antique Gold Edition:

Two Tone Gold/Nickel Deluxe Edition:


Features of the coin: Santa, back dropped by the winter sky is the focal point of the “See Through” translucent center of our coin, as if peering through a winter window. The outer ring is solid with multiple levels of textures and metal work design all filled in with rich translucent and PMS enamels. The coins measure 2” (including the attachment), 1.75” diameter at the edge of the outer circle x 4mm thick. The outer ring depicts Santa’s sleigh with his reindeer leading him through the night, a winter home, holly and beautiful scroll work. MERRY CHRISTMAS 2007 from Castle Coins & Pins, Paula & Jim.


Minting: We will be minting these in 3 finishes: Antique Gold (200), Antique Nickel (150) and a Two Tone Deluxe Edition Shiny Gold and Nickel (300). The Deluxe Edition will include additional enamels on the lettering and scroll work to highlight recessed areas. These are only for this holiday season (Only 1 minting will be done, no re-mints) so don’t miss this opportunity to own what I think is the premier Christmas themed geocoin available.


See the art here: http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc220/c...pins/Santa1.jpg

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Invoices will go out this coming weekend


I'm losing my internet connection(Friday) and leaving for CA on Saturday morning. I plan on being in CA late Thursday or Friday and can pay my invoice then. Is this going to be ok? If not PM me and we can work something out offline.

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UPDATE: I'll be filling reserved orders tomorrow and shipping on Wednesday. After the reserved coins are filled and shipped the remainder will be available.


AWWW MAN- And I don't even have our tree yet to hang these beauties on!!! Gotta break out the ol' bow saw/don the "PLEASE DON"T SHOOT ME-I DON"T HAVE ANTLERS" :wub: hat+vest and head out this week-end :)



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