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Gore-tex or your dad's old mac?


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As I was scrabbling about in the bushes today, trying to detangle myself from the thorns and hearing ominous ripping sounds from my £100 Gore-tex jacket, it occurred to me that maybe I should wear an old coat for caching.


It's swings and roundabouts really. Just any old coat would not keep me as dry as my Gore-tex, nor would it be as breathable. But the latter is not usually a problem when I'm caching as I take so long to find the darn caches that I'm not exactly steaming. On the other hand, my cheap old navy coat from Aldi might be less conspicuous that my pink Sprayway jacket, and getting it muddy/trampled on/torn on wire fences etc would not be as calamitous. I do hate getting wet though, the the Gore-tex has never let me down - yet!


So what's your caching coat of choice - expensive high-tech designer outdoor clothing or something cheap and dispensable?

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Kids - peter storm from millets

Adults Berghaus and a paramour £100 ish each one goretex the other event fabric both pretty good as long as you wash and rewaterproof occasionally


Fleeces gloves and hats courtesy culina chilled distribution :laughing:

Searching in the prickles take it off and the rucksack and the bag and the sunglassess !! all other approaches failing send in some one small and Aaron shaped !!

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just a cheap and cheerful regatta fleece - waterproof, windproof, taped seems etc, got it for a VERY bargainous price of £25, but in the summer or when it's remotely warmish, I wear just a velourish type tracky top - nice and warm and I don't care if the brambles kill it!

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leaks when pressure is applied? do me a favour, I may weep a bit at some of the puzzle caches round here but leak? NEVER.


Get yourself a Gore-tex!

Unfortunately it does and it is part of it's design, originally it was designed for repairing aortic aneurysms, and the membrane between the two synthetic layers was designed to leak sightly.


Wear a rucksack with Gore-Tex and it leaks in the area what is in contact with the fabric.


Another bad property of Gore-Tex is that it can crack and then it leaks good and proper, the newer and more superior woven one way wicking fabrics do not have any of the above issues.

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A couple of years ago my wife insisted on buying me a top-of-the-range North Face jacket for Christmas. I think it cost something like £200 or even more. But it has been fantastic. In fact it's two complete jackets in one, which zip together to make one super-thick one which will keep you warm in -20°C.


Otherwise, this is a nice jacket for all but the very coldest days from September to April (don't be fooled by its light weight, it'll make you sweat like a pig in summer). And with the current rate on the dollar, it's not expensive.

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Ripped my latest 200 quid Goretex jacket the first week I had it. Nail on a stile did that for me.

Never been too impressed with the 'breathable' qualities of Goretex. I have worn various jackest of this material for 15 years or so now, and after a 10 minute run it's like a sauna in there :laughing:

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Thanks for the replies! The other day was so cold I think I could have done with my Buffalo motorbike jacket on - tough as old boots, warm and waterproof. Plus it has body armour panels inside so if I fell over through slipping on the mud or being drunk (never happens...well hardly ever!) I wouldn't hurt myself. Actually could have done with that on my bike when cycling to work the other morning and someone knocked me off, but I guess it might get a bit hot going up the hill!


I like the look of the Barbours but they're a bit dear. I think I may keep my Gore-tex for mountain walking and cycling and buy a cheapy Regatta or similar for caching in prickly situation.


What do you folks with Gore-tex recommend for washing it by the way?

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