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Forum as mass communication medium - Western Cape

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We are keen to establish how widely read the forum topics actually are.

Purely an academic exercise to determine how many cachers will be reached by a posting on the forum.

In this particular case only pertaining to the Western Cape.

Could the Capeys who read this post please respond on this topic or (for the closet readers) e-mail via our profile.

Just something simple - such as "we read/scan/partcipate in forums daily/weekly/now & then etc."

We'll give it a month and tally the responses.

Please assist.

Many Thanks.

Happy Caching!

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Thanks all for your responses. This was mainly to gauge how many locals would be reached for a short notice get together or event.

Apparently it would not be all that effective, reaching 4 or so almost immediately and then another 9 in drips and drabs over the next 4 or 5 weeks.

You would also get 2 responses from "wish we were Capeys" and one disparaging remark from Jo'burg.

Oh, you would also reach one closet observer whose name will go to the grave with me.

Thanks everyone and Happy New Year!

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