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Trouble with TB's (or is it Tribbles?)


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Professed newbie here....I went on a trip with my kids this past weekend. While enroute to our destination we did some caching. I retrieved and replaced some TB's, but forgot to write down the number. One of the owners has responded to my email with the numbers so I was able to log it's new location. I haven't heard from the other two owners yet. One of them is a Green Jeep TB. Is there any other way to retrieve the numbers so that I can properly log their positions?



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I did that once. I just asked the tb owner what the number was. He was happy to help his tb move along correctly.


Yep, a little trickier when it's a jeep though. You won't likely get a response from the owner.


Why is getting the info more difficult on the jeeps?

because the person who placed it is not the owner and does not have a duplicate tag. Unless he wrote down the tag number, he doesn't know it either.

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A lot of people do that, ONCE. LOL


We almost always take our digital camera when we go out caching & snap pics of every coin or TB we see so we can log then as discovered.


I wouldn't worry too much about it. Whoever picks it up next will "grab" it from where it was listed when you picked it up.

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