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Pictures- Cool Cache Locations (CCL's)


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Jimmy's Coalburg Garage across the street from which I have a cache placement.




Quad DEEEP in woods:




One of the few remaining drive in theaters. This one actually has two screens and is still in business. I did a little work on the marquee.




Lanterman's Mill




While I've been to several caches pictured in this tread, this is "back home". Garage is not far from my brother's house and I've been to Mill Creek Park a million times. Thanks for making me homesick.

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We just returned from a trip to Michigan's upper peninsula to visit relatives. Although I had been there many times it was my first time as a Geocacher. There are many challenging and beautiful cache sites.
















This one is both challenging and scenic. The cache has been active for almost 3 years and there are only 10 signatures on the log. The listing states that there are no marked trails. It should read that there are no trails of any kind. Its only a 3/4 mile walk, but it took 45 minutes to bushwack our way through the undergowth. The poor picture quality is due to the fact that I was balanced on a slippery rock holding my Blackberry at arms length.







There are over 200 waterfalls in the U.P. and many of them have caches near them. I'll be looking for them when we go back.

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I'm bumping this thread, cause I like pictures! I haven't been logging caches/posting pictures lately, otherwise I would have participated in this thread earlier. All the pictures posted here have been wonderful to look over, hopefully more people will add theirs. :(


This panorama's from my friend Lep's cache: The Elves Are Easily Overlooked. I've been using it as the desktop picture on my laptop for the longest time. It makes me feel good whenever I look at it.



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A few from here in U.K....


The view from the top of the Sugar Loaf in south Wales. (Sweet Mountain GCGQBN)




Near the SW tip of England. (GCV89A Get to the Point!)




and the fishing port of Newlyn... (GCT2B8 The "Rosebud" cache.)




Finally "our" local Caldicot castle... (GCM5FY Alianore and the Swan)





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Here's a shot into Newberry Crater from Paulina Peak. It's located in Central Oregon's high desert.


The Big Obsidian Flow can be seen middle right of the picture. You can soak your feet in the hotsprings on the lake. There are a bunch of caches in the area, including several earthcaches. I had a wonderful weekend here with my son.




I've been there many many times. Pictures can never do it justice.

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