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Finding caches when on a trip?


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Is there any easy way to figure out where caches are on a long trip before leaving home. I know there are cahes at truck stops and such but trying to figure out where they may be along the way seems impossible. I'm pretty new to geochacing so maybe someone out there can help. Thanks



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If you become a premium member you can use the caches along a route function which is way easier than trying to look up a bunch of caches before you leave. Also if you have a PDA you can download all of the cache page info before you go. I'm still kind of new with the paperless cache stuff but love it.

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Here is what we did before a recent trip out West (6K miles total, and you can see how many states we cached by checking our profile):


Before we left home, I created 'caches along a route' PQs for each driving segment of the trip. I ended up with about a dozen segments, each of which covered about 500 miles.


As we made the trip, I ran the next day's PQs and loaded the results into GSAK. Then, while we were on the road, we used the GSAK database we had created to target caches to hunt. Then, each night, I'd clear the GSAK database and repeat the process to load the next day's cache list.


It worked like a charm. The only limitation was a fairly aggressive driving schedule (about 500 miles/day), which limited the number of caches we could hunt.

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I'm a premium member, but haven't used the "along a route" yet. I get my route set up in Google maps with directions and everything (you can do this easily by using the "to here/from here" options. Then I print out the trip ticket as it tells me all the places we'll need to turn and such. Then I come over to GC.com and us the "map it" feature. This lets me check each one out as I know there will be some that don't fit into what we want to do for the day. You can also then go back to Google maps, if you want, and map those points. It will give you turn by turn directions to your caches too. Each trip will only hold up to 25 destinations though on Google, so if you're going to more you just have to overlap the last place on the next trip to continue on. It's a little time consuming, but it's thorough and you won't have any guessing as to where you need to go. We've used this method to travel over 2500 miles.

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