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Garmin Legend Cx or HCX

Eric K
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I currenlty have a Legend Cx that I love but the rubber seal is falling apart and I would like to have more maps.


A few questions.


1. Does the "High Sensity" receiver actually make a difference or is that marketing hype?


2. What size SD card would be needed to load the whole City Navigator DVD contents to the card?


3. Doex the Legend Cx or HCx use the same USB adaptor as on the previous Legend C?


Thanks in advance.


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1.)I just went from the 60cs to the 60csx and did my first night of caching and it made a slight difference. I haven't taken into any heavy tree cover, which should be the biggest change, but the one thing I really like is how fast it locks onto sattelites. Instead of waiting a minute or so with the 60cs, the high sensitivity reciever picks it up in what seems like under 20 seconds. It's really nice.


2.) I just put all of Canada, US and Puerto Rico on less than 1 gb with the NT v8. I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong but the regular version is just under 2 GB.


3.) Don't know on this one, but would be surprised if it didn't use a mini-usb cable, which would probably be included.

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well i got a legend Hcx as a up-grade from a foreterx 101 and i love it. as far as i can tell the high sensity receiver was well worth it for me. I was able to get locks where my dad couldn't (he had a meridian color, which he later upgreded to a vista Hcx). 1 gb shuold be able to fit the whole US. I wouldn't know if its the same USB port, but if you buy new a USB cable should be included.

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We have one of each in our caching family, the HCx is way better then the Cx, faster lock on satelites, faster (re)calculation of routes, works under tree cover just fine unlike the Cx, You can even walk around with it hanging upside down and it still maintains satelite lock whereas the Cx will be constantly beeping to tell you it's lost/regained satelite lock.


And then when it comes to caching, well, the HCx will take you straight to the cache while the Cx still has you doing the GPS circle dance. No comparison at all.

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