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UAE caches - increase in muggled caches . . .


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Hi All,


I have been unfortunate to lose THREE travel items recently. :D Granted, one was in Thailand, but I lost both a croc shoe travel bug and a TFTC geocoin from UAE caches. :) In addition, I have noticed a few other cachers that have lost travel items in muggled UAE caches recently. Yes, I know, unfortunately travel items go missing all the time, but surely the risk can be reduced by a careful selection of caches into which the items are placed?


I have noticed an alarming trend related to the UAE caches. While I appreciate the efforts of fellow cachers, caches seem to be being placed in places frequented all too often by muggles. With the high expat traffic, particularly for new caches, muggles are bound to be curious, increasing the risk that the cache will be discovered. I can imagine that the sight of well-heeled expat's crawling around the bushes searching for caches will only peak the interest of muggles. :D


I would like to suggest greater discretion in terms of hiding new caches, perhaps in less frequented areas. For me it is more the quality of the caches than the quantity. While part of the challenge is finding caches in populated areas, I for one prefer to be completely alone when I find the cache and sign the logbook, far away from the prying eyes of potential muggles. :D I prefer as well that my travel items be placed in caches that are less likely to be muggled. ;)


I am pleased to see so many more cachers in the UAE. :D Hopefully I will get the chance to touch base on the caching trail soon, especially having missed the UAE cachers get together while I was on vacation in Jordan.





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